Members and their roles


Membership in our DAO will be based on owning tokens, which will be used for voting and decision-making within the DAO, and in the future for using the DAO's collector platform. The tokens will be based on blockchain technology and NFT applications, which will ensure the security and transparency of transactions and prevent potential attempts at fraud.


DAO members are digital philatelists from all over the world. Their role will be to participate in the digital philately community, promote knowledge about philately, and use DAO services. By joining the community centered around the DAO, members will have access to various features and tools, which will be developed, including:

  • collector platform

  • collection management tools

  • discussion forum

  • and many others

We plan to organize various events such as auctions, exhibitions, meetings, and contests that will enable our members to meet and share their philatelic passion.

The basis

Our DAO will operate as an autonomous organization based on blockchain technology and in a blockchain-based world. Each community member will have the opportunity to vote and express their opinion on matters important to the DAO.

We allow for the introduction of different roles that will significantly influence the efficient level of DAO management and its dynamic development. Such action will support our mission and achieving the goals we set for ourselves when creating the DAO for the community.

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