Allocation and vesting

ZICO Token Eligibility Rules

  • Valid for snapshots #1 - #5

Minted K5 (Category 5 of The Polish Crypto Stamp Edition 1st during its active period) token.

2 x K1 (Category 1 of The Polish Crypto Stamp Edition 1st)

  • Valid for snapshots #6 -

Set K1-K4 (1 x K1, 1 x K2, 1 x K3, 1 x K4) or equivalent according to allocation weights i.e. 1.3 Augusts - directly imported from paper wallet

ZICO Token Vesting Overview


  1. Snapshot will take place every month before token allocation to wallets.

  2. All tokens of the Crypto Stamp and Philatelic Thaler collections will be counted for allocation.

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