Why DAO?

Our Goals

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to build and develop a community that promotes knowledge of digital philately and supports the emerging innovative collectibles market based on blockchain/NFT technology. Our vision is to become the leading group of enthusiasts in the field of digital philately worldwide, providing innovative solutions, professional care for enthusiasts and collectors, and spreading knowledge about modern philately.

Business goals

Our goal is to promote and develop the digital philately community through socially organized auctions, sales, exchange, and collecting of postage stamps, crypto stamps, and other philately-related products. We use blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent platform for collecting postage stamps and crypto stamps.

Social and environmental goals

Our goal is to promote sustainable development through environmental protection and recycling. We also aim to work for the local community by organizing charity events and social initiatives that will have a positive impact on society.

Technological goals

We use blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent, and scalable platform for exchanging and collecting postage stamps and crypto stamps. We use one of the most popular blockchain-based solutions called utility tokens, which will help us manage our community's votes and reflect the majority's will. Our goal is also to develop innovative tools and applications related to digital philately that will help collectors manage their collections. Finally, our goal is to create a dynamic and diverse community of digital philately enthusiasts who will work together within the DAO to develop their collections and promote philately in society.

Summary: Our DAO is aimed at digital philately enthusiasts who want to work together to develop their passion and promote philately in society. Our business and social goals are equally important and aim to increase the value of digital philately collections, promote sustainable development and social activities, and use blockchain technology to create a secure and transparent community of digital philatelists. The DAO will operate in a democratic and transparent manner, using social token-based voting to enable members to decide on the direction of the DAO community's development and make key decisions about its operations. The DAO will also operate openly and be open to collaboration with external entities that can contribute significantly to achieving the DAO community's goals.

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