About this manifesto

This DAO manifesto describes the principles and methods for creating a strong and innovative digital philately community that will promote philatelic knowledge, integrate enthusiasts, and support the creation of an innovative collector market based on blockchain/NFT technology. It also includes all the necessary elements, such as purpose and vision, operating principles, management principles, technology and infrastructure, tokens and their role, business goals, finance and fund management, collaboration with partners, communication and promotion, and evolution and development. As a result, our DAO will be able to effectively achieve its goals within the community, develop, and contribute to the development of philatelic heritage.

We will comply with applicable regulations and ethical standards, and decisions will be based on consensus and democracy. We believe that the proposed approach to digital philatelic collecting and engagement will attract enthusiasts from around the world and contribute significantly to the development of this field in an innovative and sustainable manner.


Version: 0.9 (draft)


Due to the community-based nature of the work on the Zico DAO project, the manifesto is still under development and any update will be communicated to the community.

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