Voting rules

General Rules

  1. Voting will take place on the Snapshot platform or a dedicated governance contract.

  2. All members of the community have the opportunity to submit proposals for a vote.

  3. Proposals submitted are discussed on the dedicated Discord channel and presented to the DAO team members for approval.

  4. Only the DAO team mambers have the permissions to submit topics for voting.

  5. Due to the nature of the project and the company, the Polish Post Office to which the project belongs may not take the results of the vote into account.

  6. Minimum valid number of voting participants 10% DAO, if the condition is not met, the core team may consider the vote valid in the case of unanimity. The value of the parameter may be changed in the future.

  7. Minimum threshold for passing a yes/no vote, 70% of the total votes cast.

  8. The time frame for the vote is set by the core team each time up to the subject of the voting, with a minimum of 7 days.

  9. Core Team VETO - a clause declaring a vote invalid if a decision detrimental to the project is voted through, all core team members must object by 5 days after the vote.

  10. 2 stages of voting: core team vote on whether a proposal goes to voting - up to 14 days, community core vote.

Voting Topics

  • Collection themes

  • ZICO Token utilities

  • Tokenomics

  • etc.

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