The Concept

Operating principles

Idea: Our actions will be based on democracy, honesty, transparency, equality, and openness. We will operate according to the highest standards of conduct in the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry, including ethical behavior and promoting safety practices when dealing with digital assets, including NFTs.

Democracy: Every member of the DAO has an equal right to vote and influence the decisions made by the DAO, their right depends directly on the strength of the community tokens used for voting.

Honesty: the DAO's actions will be based on principles of honesty, transparency, and business ethics.

Equality: every member of the DAO will be treated with equal attention and respect, regardless of age, gender, race, origin, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

Transparency: the DAO's operation will be based on full transparency, including the publication of documents and protocols on the blockchain platform and in publicly accessible repositories.

Openness: the DAO will be open to cooperation with other entities that can contribute to the realization of the DAO's goals.

Evolution. This project is built to evolve.

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